Insec NYC

Insec NYC (Brooklyn) is a part of
El Forensic Inc. group

Insec is a leading company in the field of private investigations and intelligence services, with many years of experience and a strong reputation in cyber security, investigation of any scale, intelligence and espionage.

Insec – Private investigations services, and spy shop

Complex investigation services
Unique concealment lab services
/ Data recovery from any media device (smartphones, kosher phones, disk on key, hard drive, mobile drive, computers etc)

Wiretapping and data leak tests for your phone, car, home and office. Including detection and installation of preventive cyber security programs / apps

Infidelity investigations
Financial investigations
Polygraph tests
Undercover client services
surveillance and evidence collection
Legal Transcription Services
Detection and identification of blocked phone numbers
Development and manufacture of high end eavesdropping equipment, recording and covert filming solutions according to customer .preferences
Spyware Store

Insec is a formal importer of advanced spy products and accessories, our labs specialize in the development and manufacture of eavesdropping, recording and covert filming solutions, according to customer preferences.

We offer technical equipment, a range of advanced technology products and services for the field of investigations, surveillance, espionage and security.
Each branch has an impressive display of spyware, investigations, surveillance and security systems.
We provide comprehensive solutions to any and all questions that concern you with security, investigations and spyware.
We would love to demo all products offered for sale to enable a safe shopping experience.
We are experts in complex investigations including cyber investigations and computer crime

Our Branches:


New York – Borough Park, Brooklyn

Tel Aviv – Ziv Towers
Raanana – Ha'Haroshet 42
Jerusalem – Ramot Mall, Golda Meyer 255
Achim Israel Mall, Talpiot Industrial Area
Beit Semesh- Park Center
Modi'in- Solomon Center, Mordchai Machlof St.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us for any additional information or to get discreet professional advice at no cost by the Insec team experts.

Our investigations are carried out by the Cohen Investigations Office, which operates under the Ministry of Justice license and employs qualified and licensed investigators.
The office is managed by veterans of operational units of the Israeli Police such as the tracking unit and the Lahav 433 unit.

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